Glamping Valašsko

Tiny house

In the very heart of Wallachia

Family jewel

Our story

The land on which the tiny house now stands has been in our family for several generations. I spent a significant part of my childhood in the surrounding woods. As a child, I used to chase sheep, explore nature, pick mushrooms, raspberries and other berries. My friends and I would run around, play knights, and on one of our expeditions we even met a bear.



Libor Šulák

A place for everyone

As time went on and I grew, I wanted to create a place where I could come anytime to rest and clear my head. Whether with my family or alone. To just drop in for a cup of tea or to jump in the sauna or the bath tub. The idea of glamping came later. But it was immediately clear to me that this place deserved it. I wish that you too will draw as much strength as you can carry.

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