Glamping Valašsko


Just Arrive

By car, by train, by bus

You rest! Don’t worry about anything and just choose how you want to reach us. Here you will find a list of our recommended transport methods. 👇🏽

Which one you choose is up to you. 🚗 🚂 🚌

Roadtrip as it should be

By car 🚗

From your phone, you can click the app of your choice directly with the selected point on the map.


If you decide to use one of the other navigation systems, use the address Halenkov No. 7 

(Caution, confusion often occurs, check that you have entered the correct address)


  • 49.3308511509926
  • 18.158258554439637
Park your car at this location (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps). From here you have to walk about 100m to the tiny house on foot. 👣
A local train easily bring people together.

By Train 🚂

There is a regular line from Vsetín to Velké Karlovice managed by the company Arriva

When you arrive at the Halenkov, you will still have about 1.4km to walk. We recommend that you open Google Maps

Attention – you will climb 63 m. elevation gain. 🥾

Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows.

By bus 🚌

The route is served by the regular line 601 from Vsetín to Velké Karlovice and Bílá managed by the integrated transport of the Zlín Region.

When you arrive at the Halenkov, U fabriky, you will have to walk about 1.3 km. We recommend opening Google Maps

Beware – you will climb 65 m. of elevation. 🥾